Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't reinstate the FOE MOOC.


Coursera's and Georgia Tech's Fundmanetals of online teaching ought not to bend in the face of protest and reinstate the course. At least not until the quality is raised and the instruction model *scrupulously practices what it preaches*.

I am sitting gobsmacked that so many students on the FOE forum are blaming "grumblers and whiners" for having "broken" the "high quality" course.

There are already too many people running around making pig's ear of online delivery which is turning students (and student's parents) off the concept from the onset because they are at the sharp end of poor planning and delivery.

The last thing we need is thousands of people waving a cert. from Georgia tech, being seen as an in-house expert as a result and being given the responsibility of trickle down training to their peers.

Particularly where they are at risk of modelling NOT what the course readings were trying to get across, but the "do what I say, not do what I do" style of delivery that they absorbed from their own instruction.

Wow, there are some teachers/trainers with a massive embracement of learner autonomy out there. I know it is a seductive concept...but ..seeing it en mass is ..well I just don't have words. The thought of that over embracement combined with a (mind boggling) perception of FOE's delivery being a benchmark of high quality and "that's how you do it!" gives me the willies.

It can be hard enough to counteract student resistance to new modes and methods of instruction as it is. The last thing we need is to build up that resistance due to poor design, application and delivery being replicated by a sub set FOE  participants. Specifically thanks to the misguided efforts of those who were unable to realistically assess the quality of the course, in order to avoid making the same basic mistakes. Certainly education and training fields need that like a hole in the head. Particularly where the risk is that back in their own fields and institutions that sub set of participants could well be perceived as "sort of certified" experts and go around infecting yet another staffroom with bad practice and an ill conceived vision of what quality online education looks like.

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  1. Well said. Like many, I thought they were about to turn round and say, "So now you know how not to design a course." ;)



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