Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hell is an ice skating rink.....

...due to unforcast cold snap.

The impossible happened.

I made a crafty thing.

As a hysterical displacement activity.

Cos MIL was discharged from hospital still psycotic.


Cos they x rayed her and discovered her hip has a hairline fracture.

Only in mental health do you leave hospital BECUASE something is broken, to the background noise of the health service frantically washing their hands of a geriactric, bed blocking, walking (well, wheelchairing), talking (without ever stopping to draw breath, possibly she has evolved to inhale through her ears thus ensuring the stream of warped conciousness never ceases for a millisecond) Medical Encyclopedia of Maladies.

But still, never mind, I shall not fall into a heap this time and not cope, having to slink off into internet hibernation while licking wounds and muttering darkly to myself, cos......look what I made (bursts with pride and fancies self as the soon to be discovered Picasso of the ...what is this decade? The teenies? S'not the noughties anymore is it ?

As the decade's artistic genius I want a special name for MY decade. /haughty sniff.

If you are on Pinterest tell me you handle so I can stalk follow you.

Where did the fecking spellchecker go?

Don't want upgraded blogger dahsboard if my crap spelling is going to be revealed in all,its dislecsick glory.

Dislecsick English teacher. It's like I set out to make life as hard as possible for myself (:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nearly a year?

I shut up for nearly a year?

A personal best.

Very quick update. Five minutes after I paid for all the books for the next school year Son of Thor decided he wanted to go back to school. So he did. And to cut a long story very short (for now) this is where he is going next year.

 Inter High online secondary school.

Officially this is still home education so the testing, the being overseen by the school, the paperwork, it begins again. And it is still home ed where Italian epics\grammar\various other language arts, maths in Italian, Italian focused history and geography is concerned. But The Sock Dropper has really stepped up to the plate this academic year with homework. And discovered he is utterly brill at one to one teaching. Getting the child to not only learn in the understanding sense of the word, but also filling it with giggles and enjoyment. He is amazing at achieving the parrot fashion learning thing too, which should make exams easier. So I'm dumping all that on him next academic year.

The blog will now be focused on life as it happens, with massive school based whinges until June probably, then home ed, but also all the other aspects on my day to day headless chicken impression.

I just didn't enjoy being sucked into the home ed political, philosophical thing. So I want to step back from that and avoid getting pulled back in to the debates again by not identifying primarily as a home educator \ homeschooler. My son's school experience sucks, but that doesn't mean school sucks. Home ed is a great solution to our knotty problem, but it is not the One Great Educational Solution (IMO) and is not without its drawbacks, weak spots and risks.

I don't want to be boxed in by focusing on my being "A Something", not an expat, not a home edder, not a carer for a mentally ill person (back in hospital with mania, but she had a great Christmas, we slept for two days solid after she left LOL)...just a woman alternatively blundering, waltzing, dancing, clod hopping through daily life and trying not to fuck her kid up too much ( :

So I'll write about that.

And pilgrims.


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