Monday, June 11, 2012

Was it done to "save the planet" ?

I dunno, perhaps an eco choice to save trees by cutting down on paper usage ? Concerns about fossil fuel consumed by the postal system ?

I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, but struggling mightily.

Because for the life of me I don't understand why I am hearing the results of my declining to exercise my right to the annual exam for homeschoolers....via my son, in lieu of an offical letter from the school.

Information which he got via his friends in his former class, when he was at youth club.

Yup. The teacher announced (in rather snotty, disparaging terms) details regarding my son's academic and legal status in the education system his former class, on the last day of school (Friday).

Yesterday seven of them individually told my lad what she had said. It's not like I have a hard time believing them because...

only myself, my husband and the school knew all of the contents of our letter. Son of Thor knew one bald fact. (until of course his mates informed him).
this is not the first time this has happened.

I guess I could phone all their mums, gather evidence and play merry hell. But you have to batter a child in your class whilst it is infested with hidden camera before any preliminary sanctions are made. And even then it is not a foregone conclusion that justice will out.

The most likely result would be the teacher working out which kids in the class "are to blame" for generating a complaint and consciously or sub consciously taking it put on them. Cos that's happened before too.

Because I worked in state schools and trained state school teachers long enough to know that far too many are unable to realise they have been the architect of their (mild) misfortune. Nope, it is always somebody else's fault for tittle tattling, rather than a rueful realisation that behaving unprofessionally is a wholly personal choice.

Oh well, "school employees behave in rather unprofessional manner" isn't exactly a "hold the front page" deal. It's not like it is a shock to the system anymore, not after 8 (very long) years of dealing with the school network here in my corner of Italy. I guess I should save any surprise for the first time I interact with a school here and everybody behaves impeccably.


  1. I'm sorry this happened, shall we all think evil thoughts at the teacher so she rips her favourite top or something?!

    1. Yes!

      I know they are angry with me, becuase the implied critism of home education really pisses them off. And I worked in their school with them, so in my case stings even harder. It probabably feels like a "betrayal".

      But can't they stick to slagging me off in the bar or something, rather than trying to take it out on my kid via an attempt at pub
      ic humiliation ?

      He is only 11. I'm the adult, kick me not him if they need to vent spleen, no?



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