Friday, May 25, 2012

My Greek Tragedy

Fecking Eurozone. Months and months of trying to work out complicated economic political stuff and all I can conclude with any real conviction is....."it's all gone horribly wrong".
Well that's just effing brilliant.
Cos the austerity measures due to come into force very soon mean we can no longer realistically afford to have MIL live in her own home with a carer.
So she is moving in with me. And her carer is heading back to Peru cos he says the future is too bleak over here and over there offers better opportunities.
I think in the name of all things fair that she should go and live with a Euro MP...or even Monti. Or (evil cackle) a banker!
I reckon everybody in the Eurozone should support my campaign to have bankers and politicians share their home with my MIL. Cos I guarantee that with three weeks of her being their room-mate they will enter stage left, wailing, rending their clothes and happily signing any legislation you ask them that prevents them from fucking up the world economy in the name of personal profit EVER AGAIN!!......, just as long as we promise to let them have their home back sans the human version of the Energiser bunny (with extra added psychosis).


  1. Oh wow. Sorry to hear that!

    These bankers and politicians should all be shot for what they've done.

  2. Im sorry I am thinking more about tests and not tests and didnt offer you a proper shoulder to wail apon yesterday or today.
    Feel free to call me any time for a helps, I know!

  3. Oh, how will that work out... keep us posted.



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