Monday, May 28, 2012

Home Ed in Italy friendly Lawyer

So, I teach a lawyer. His English is advanced. I have "turned" him HE-wise. He used to be highly skeptical, but I brought him around (and not by tortuing him with phrasal verb homework until he begged for mercy and said "ok ok I give up, Homeschooling is quite a good idea really", all thanks to reasoned debate I promise ( :
Anyway,he has been invaluable with helping me understand my legal position and is on call to dive in and batter the authorities with lawerly rightousness if they get funny with me over my insisting they respect the law when it comes to the annual exam.
So I asked him how he would feel about being possibly contacted by other homeschoolers, especially those who do not have fabby Italian and feel overwelmed trying to manage the process in the "wrong" language. He is up for it, but less than impressed by my desire to publish his name and number. So if anybody feels they need a lawyer who has an understanding of the laws involved and speaks English, please ask for contact details on my brand new special "Home ed in Italy only" email address.
There is another lawyer who I know has solid experience dealing with HE in Italy, don't know about his English though. Will find out and let people know.

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  1. That's really helpful!
    But it's also sad, because it says, you might need a lawyer to homeschool. Ew. :-(



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