Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February = Sfiga

Litany of month long woe. I turned 44. The big freeze left us without water for ten fecking days (all plumbers busy due to everybody else being without water too for the same reason). 1000 euros and millions of new pipes later life returns to normal. Which you should never say out loud because you will attract the evil eye or similar. I know this cos the day after I said it during my first proper shower since the big freeze.....I heard a scream from female next door, charged over and found male neighbour had dropped dead It was awful. Dreadful. The pain of his wife and children broke my heart. The day after the funeral I thought, Ok, a little normality. Grateful sigh. And not an hour later did a high speed evacuation of the house removing people, animals (various) and irreplaceable possessions while waiting for the fire brigade, as smoke accumulating in my loft poured downstairs. Scaring the knickers off me. Fecking enormous mice chewed through concrete (rendered fragile by the big freeze) and build a nest of plastic next to my flue pipe, which then combusted next to wooden beams. No harm done. Except to my face. Which aged 10 years. So the next day I was clearing up the mess (in the cold cos we have to ensure mouse annihilation before lighting the fire again to avoid a repeat) and stupidly breathed a sigh of relief that now, finally, normal life will recommence. But the next day one of my dogs inexplicably dropped dead. So more upset replaced bog standard life. Oh yeah, and due to snow keeping the Cascina kids away from school there was a "discussion" between we the Cascina mums and the school about the validity of asking children to do all their normal homework and catch up three days lost work; without the aid of a 46 hour day being introduced....I am now officially a home educator again. So normal life sort of became suspended while I work put how to change gear again. Who hexed me? And can you stop now please. I'm only missing the police nee narring down here to make it best of three at this point. Thank God Feb is done.  March has to be boringly normal. Right? (makes sign of the horns)     Sarah - Sent from my iPad


  1. format post properly blogger, my patience is wearing thin.

    Only so many times I can go back and put in returns AGAIN before I get cross.

  2. OMG, what a dreadful month! O.O March has to be boring for sure.

  3. Oh bless your heart! What a hell of a February; yes March will definitely be better.

    And give up on Blogger EVER formatting your post properly. That is something that will never happen, it seems.

  4. Oh my goodness Sarah, how much drama can one girl cope with, you certainly seem to have had much more than your fair share recently. Take Care.

  5. What a horrible February, I'm so sorry! :(

  6. March willsee a hat trick of emergency services.

    Can't be optimistic when you goaround for a coffee and end up physically intervening to referee a melee.

    I don"t want to turn rain into a hurricane, but next time I am calling the police cos I came within a whisker of getting seriously hurt, albeit I was not the intended target.

  7. Sarah, i missed your blog so much! I've been off for nearly 2 years....I think you have handled the month of February very gracefully, all considered! hope MArch was better!



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