Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hell is an ice skating rink.....

...due to unforcast cold snap.

The impossible happened.

I made a crafty thing.

As a hysterical displacement activity.

Cos MIL was discharged from hospital still psycotic.


Cos they x rayed her and discovered her hip has a hairline fracture.

Only in mental health do you leave hospital BECUASE something is broken, to the background noise of the health service frantically washing their hands of a geriactric, bed blocking, walking (well, wheelchairing), talking (without ever stopping to draw breath, possibly she has evolved to inhale through her ears thus ensuring the stream of warped conciousness never ceases for a millisecond) Medical Encyclopedia of Maladies.

But still, never mind, I shall not fall into a heap this time and not cope, having to slink off into internet hibernation while licking wounds and muttering darkly to myself, cos......look what I made (bursts with pride and fancies self as the soon to be discovered Picasso of the ...what is this decade? The teenies? S'not the noughties anymore is it ?

As the decade's artistic genius I want a special name for MY decade. /haughty sniff.

If you are on Pinterest tell me you handle so I can stalk follow you.

Where did the fecking spellchecker go?

Don't want upgraded blogger dahsboard if my crap spelling is going to be revealed in all,its dislecsick glory.

Dislecsick English teacher. It's like I set out to make life as hard as possible for myself (:


  1. Look at you being all very crafty! Very nice. I'm not on Pinterest, sorry. Did you upgrade your dashboard? Is it very different? I've been hesitant to do so...mainly because change can sometimes freak me out.

  2. damn thing won't let me "reply" now. I didn't upgrade anything. I just went away, returned endowed with my (well, my son's) iPad....and it's all gone different and scary.

  3. Ciao Sarah! I loved reading this little bit. I've been off for quite a time too. And I am on Pinterest. My handle is ccup. See you around ;)

  4. Hell IS an ice skating rink. Of course, I mean a literal skating rink...where I sit daily hoping for no hip fracture as well.

    And look at crafty you! That's beautiful!

    And HEY! It's me! I'm getting back to blogging full force since 5yo is now in "not in my house" school half-day (although the 13yo may soon BE in "in my house" school. Long story.)

    I'm trying to reconnect with people, update my blog reader, checking links still work. :-)

    SO. I'm no longer at Halushki (Don't look for it. Someone bought my site and made it an acne medicine spam site and I don't want to give them any business.) Uh, but I see you do have a link in your sidebar, so you can either delete it or update.

    I'm now at because I'm a megalomaniac, evidently. ;-) The blog name is I'm trying to get some "real" writing gigs so wanted to connect my writing to my name.

    SO, anyway! Glad to have caught up with you. You are always someone who makes me smile with your twisted humor. A gal after mine own true heart! I'll check back often!

  5. Hey I'm on pinterest
    OMG thank feck you're back blogging, can't believe they put your MIL out totally crazy!!!!

    with love



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