Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog No More

This blog is now closed.

I'm leaving up the content in case any of the info is useful for anybody, and the stuff that isn't useful I'm leaving cos I'm too lazy to trawl through it to delete.


  1. Oh that's a shame. Well, it's been good. And if you ever start another blog, do come and tell me over at mine! x

  2. Very sorry to see you leave. Please let us know when you come back!

    All the best,

  3. I'll miss you. You've disappeared off facebook too - hope you're ok!
    Bye for now,
    Kara x

  4. Mi dispiace molto. Dal post precendente ho capito che questo blog ti ha attirato delle seccature, che non hai energie per tenere a bada i seccatori e che hai molte concrete responsabilità cui far fronte.
    Bloggare per noi mamme dovrebbe essere un diversivo rilassante, che dà un po' di soddisfazione e non altro stress.
    Sono un po' preoccupata per te, so che sei forte, però... ad accudire un genitore anziano per un lungo periodo, non vorrei che cadessi in un periodo di depressione. Scrivimi tu se vuoi, quello che vuoi. Baci.

    Abbi pazienza, il mio inglese sarebbe povero e poi sono lentissima, per oggi incollo la pessima traduzione automatica di google:

    I am very sorry. From previous post I realized that this blog has attracted you the hassle, you do not have energy to hold off the dryer and you have very specific responsibilities to be addressed.
    Blogging for us moms should be a relaxing diversion, which gives a little 'satisfaction and not other stress.
    I am a bit 'worried about you, I know that you are strong, but ... to care for an elderly parent for a long time, I would not want to fall into a depression. Write me if you want, what you want. Kisses.

  5. Oh no!!! You will definitely be missed. Of course, if you decide to start up another be sure to let me know. x

  6. I'm going to miss reading you! :(

  7. Thanks so much for all the helpful (and hilarious) content. You fill an important niche!

  8. Oh, no good news. Sorry.
    If you will start a new blog let me know.
    Have nice and happy times!
    big hug

  9. Sorry to hear this as you have been a big help to me in the past (I'm currently homeschooling and home-swapping in the USA but will be back in Italy in March). Thanks for leaving all the info up. I've enjoyed your wealth of knowledge and sense of humor. Yes, your posts will be missed. Best of luck with everything!

  10. Sarah you will be missed in the blogging world with your great sense of humour. I do hope you are going to keep in touch.

  11. Hope this is not only because of your recent bad experiences. Your blog has to be YOUR blog and bring you pleasure. I guess it wasn't doing that anymore. Good luck in whatever you do now!

  12. I'll miss you as well! From one ex-pat mama to another...

  13. Hugs hunni. I'm missing you. Both here and Facebook. Hope you are okay and not too overwhelmed with everything. I will still be lurking about if you need me.xxxxxx

  14. you'll be missed! hugs and good wishes on all fronts from a long-time reader/lurker of your blog and Am-expat mamma. be sure to care for you...don't let yourself get completely need to replenish your "bucket" so you have something to give all those depending on you. big hugs and strength to you!

  15. That's a a shame, hope you're ok xxx

  16. I know this is a bit late but I have been offline for a while. Just wanted to say I always liked your writing, and add my request to the "let me know if you start another blog" list (if you want to!).



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