Monday, January 3, 2011


Please excuse mess, am going to funeral, not cleaned or tidied.
Just concentrate on the boots.

And yes I know my legs are too skinny for them.
But I like them anyway.


  1. Gorgeous! If your legs are too skinny for them, perhaps you should wear them over your trousers? That look is all in over here.

  2. How dare you have a stomach that flat!!! But the boots are fabulous darling!

  3. MWA - I do normally, but combo of this specfic church and lack of trousers sufficently sober\formal enough for a funeral funeral dictated dress. Which meant I damn near froze.

    Alison - If i had lifted the dress up you'd have seen my massive "suck in belly and bum" granny pants. It doesn't look that flat left to it's own devices. All Son of Thor's fault, great heffalump of a baby that he was.

  4. Great Boots!!
    Where is the rest of you???

    Not much call for boots is sub tropical Queensland!
    Can't wait to get back to Italy and get into some Winter gear.

    Sorry to hear such great boots were heading to a funeral.

    ciao Lisa

  5. Beautiful boots!! I love them.

  6. Lovely boots, who cares if they are a little big for your skinny legs!

  7. Gorgeous!! I wish I had legs that were 'too skinny' for boots.... mine are too fat sadly... :-(

  8. I echo indiebird! Sorry about the occasion and am thinking about you. x



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