Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have it.

I can’t stop. I go just to have a peek and the next thing I know I’m embroiled in both a debate about home education v school and FFing V BFing, all at the same time (hey what can I say, I’m attracted to the “shoutier” debates)

This is not good for the house as I wander around listlessly flicking damp kitchen towel at epic disaster type burned on crap on hob. Muttering to myself, honing my next point, that I’m convinced absolutely needs to be made despite hours and hours of my life already have been spent on saying the same thing 50 times over.

What is it about the chance to argue the toss with other people that is so attractive ? It’s not like I don’t have plenty of opportunity to do word battle with the Sock Dropper, at length, in my own home.

I have a horrible feeling that this is the final proof that I am a grumpy old woman.

Cos as a hobby I actively seek out situations where I can vehemently disagree with people and make my disagreement known.

Which means any minute now I’ll probably sprout a floral pinny, a tight perm, a mouth like a cat’s bum and feel the need to sweep the road outside my house all day to improve my opportunities to tut, huff, puff and look for the opportunity to have random rows with passersby.

Am I being unreasonable to conclude that this is the final phase of me transmogrifying from a shiny young creature into an old woman ?

Or is that just excuse making and what I really need is a 12 step programme to wean me off my addiction to arguing the toss with strangers debating ?


  1. Never been on. Reading this makes me want to try - better not?

  2. Love the "mouth like a cats bum"... you crack me up!! ciao for now

  3. Yeah just a few steps on that downward ladder.
    But this stuff's really important to debate, right?!


  4. Only just read this Sarah, you do make me laugh. And laughter keeps me sane. Thank you.

  5. Alison, just wanted to say, re "the thing", I have no idea what is going on, but if you ever feel unappreciated or misunderstood, just know that we'd import you in a heartbeat to have somebody that knowledgeable and persuasive, with that level of integrity, fighting our corner.



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