Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm in the mood for ..IKEA

My mood board, I went to IKEA on Thursday and got the bulk of the stuff I needed, matresses, bed linen, pillows, duvets etc and the Alvine pillow that is the central thing I have built the room around.

next to buy is the expedit and the assorted boxes to go in them for the long wall, I really like that vase on top too, wonder what plant that is and if do they do it in unkillable plastic ?

Considering using little Billys for bedside tables.

ohhh, nothing to do with the bedroom, but that pole arrangment I'm going to make for the hall. 

This is going to form my fake vanity table, cos I haven't found a real one I like. Going to hang an oval mirror just above the table top. 
My bed is now red, thanks to the Alvine influence, but I want the mosquito net.

Nearly there, just a few more hundred euros to spend and a husband to drive to distraction with my shopping obsession ( =


  1. This post has given me the itch to start re-doing a few things around here now....

  2. I agree Sarah that pillow looks beautiful :)

  3. we all want before-after-pictures! :-)

    greets from germany

  4. I have that cushion! what great taste you have.
    I wish i could start over from scratch, i always seem to do things bit by bit and end up with a mismatch.
    I hope we'll get to see piccies once it's done.




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