Friday, September 10, 2010


Knee deep in sorting out an IVA number (VAT), creating publicity materials, timetables, course outlines, tests to work out levels, book choices, pricing etc. etc. etc.....

My mini school is due to go live in just a few weeks and I feel like I am knee deep in quicksand.

If anybody has a spell as to how to create an extra ten hours per day and couple of extra days per week..I'd be most grateful.

On a more optimisitc note IKEA has halved the price of the tables I want for my classroom, so that's good.

Less fun is the eternal search for a whiteboard of decent proportions, cos the Sock Dropper has veetoed the interactive whiteboard until I have earned enough tax to be able to write off the cost...or something complicated like that, which sounds like him being a big meanie to me cos I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed an interactive whiteboard. I love them, they are so much fun.(sulks)

Ohhh I wonder if I can count new clothes and a diamond necklace or two against "costs", I mean I have to have a certain image don't I ?


  1. So exciting, when does term start?

  2. If all goes well, mid October. I'm beginning to think I'm mad to have even started...just waiting for the first major hitch...It'll happen, just not yet which is annoying cos i'd rather not get my hopes up for an on time start.

    Still it's not the end of the world if we don't start on time, I'll shorten the courses (making them cheaper, a reall selling point right now) and hit the market just for when parents get the kids first report and panic over the low grades in English and pick up adults who make NYRs.

    One small hitch is my first firm confirmation as a student. Four years old and his salutation was blowing a rapsberry at me, he went back to "school" this week and is already on his final warning.

    Oh god.

  3. Oh, at first I thought you might be opening an Italian long-distance homeschool (lessons online or something)I was starting to get really excited. We start our homeschooling adventure on 15 Sept, when we arrive at our homeswap destination in the States. Anyway... best of luck with your English-language-school adventure. Does it have a name?

  4. All the best Sarah - I look forward to reading the progress reports.

  5. If creating a bella figura isn't tax deductible in Italy, I don't know what is.

    In bocca al lupo! Looking forward to following your success :)

  6. Good luck with it, sounds as though it's going to be a wonderful adventure

  7. How wonderful Sarah... I'm very interested in how you get on...xxxx

  8. I don't know how you feel about blog awards so don't feel like you have to respond, but I nominated you for one since I enjoy reading you so much. Here's a link: Thanks for being an amazing writer!

  9. I know a translator who deducted their steam cleaner as it was used to clean her "home-office". Beat that!

    (PS, it wasn't me ;)



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