Friday, September 24, 2010

Junkie of the free software for kids kind

Slobbers on screen.

NB, this is not a sponsored post. I found this myself and just started using it half an hour ago. Not that anybody ever asks me to do sponsored post (mega sulk commences). I mean why does nobody ever ask me ? I'm unimportant aren't I ?. Don't answer that please, a girl has to hold onto whatever minor bloggy self esteem she has.

Have found a really easy to use DTP programme that basically allows the kid (or overgrown one in my case) to use create a school project, a poster (printable or online), a newsletter....anything really ...... with some really nifty features like easy photo cropping and masking, recording your voice straight into the page (nice for cutting down on eons of text if you have a reluctant writer and takes into account the "speaking" objectives of the literacy curriculum) and animating just about any part of your project that you fancy.

And it is FREE !!!!

Here is a video to show you what it can do. If you are home educating I think you'll find it a great "ITC" alternative to lapbooks, unit studies, files of study note. If you have a kid at school I'd consider it to help your kid consolidate a subject whilst providing imaginative and interesting revision resources.

Given that I think this the direction with will be seeing more and more production software going any kid that uses it even occasionally is going to have an edge. Because it seems some schools (here anyway) are very much into using dinosaur age packages.


  1. That does look pretty cool, even for kids not at homeschool! Thanks for the tip.

    As far as sponsored posts, if you want to do that, get your website on as many locations as possible--join expat and mum forums and leave your web address at the bottom of your comments, get signed up to as many expat and mum sites as possible, guest post wherever you can, write daily posts, leave lots of comments across many bloggers sites to encourage people to come back to you (increasing traffic to your site) and generally try to increase your ranking. Check out this tool: This is the kind of stuff PR people check when they are looking for blogs to write about their products.

    Hope this helps and doesn't sound too know-it-all--or worse, you were being sarcastic and you dont give a fig about doing sponsored posts... in which case I have just made a fool of myself. Nothing new, really :D

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I'm American, but my husband and children are dual American/Italian. We have always planned to homeschool, but when we moved to Italy from the United States a month ago we decided to give asilo a try to help my five-year-old daughter learn Italian. It didn't work out (surprise, surprise), so she's back at home. We've learned our lesson, and plan to homeschool from now on. But she turns six in February. Do I need to file paperwork before she turns six, or is it sufficient to file it before the next school year in September?

    Thank you!


  3. Michelliue

    Ahh, so it isn't that my blog is rubbish, it's that I'm not doing the stuff i need to do. I feel better now ( =


    I would go and see the elementary school in Feb to start the process, just in case they drag their feet.

  4. That's pretty cool. I'm looking for a critical thinking for kids games for my kids to play. They are not home schooled or anything like that but I'm just trying to find a game that seems worth it. I'm going to have to give it a try.



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