Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taking stock of the first year home educating....

Mainly cos I am forced LOL.

His exams are on Monday, so I had to go through all the folders, fishing out the programmes of study and a fistful of examples of his work over the year for each subject.

I have lots to show them on my Home Education Showcase, but I wanted some paper based evidence too.

So I sat, for what felt like forever, surrounded by piles of paper, plastic folders, files, books, projects and notes with no visible floor and for the first time I had the time and inclination to really take note of how far we have come.

His weakest subject leaving school was Italian. My greatest handicap is in teaching Italian. The biggest disaster we have had this year has been the lack of an outside Italian teacher because we had a series of people who dropped out, one after another, due to work\family\life \health crisis after either a long periods of total absence, or very spotty attendance.

So I put the Italian work together first to get it over with. I wasn’t worried that it wasn’t “good enough”, but I wasn’t tap dancing in anticipation of wowing anybody with his work.

His very first piece of Italian written work, in early September last year, was four short sentences to describe four related pictures. It is all in capitals, some letters are back to front, the punctuation was added on by request, accents and double letters all over the place, spelling...eclectic. The result of two hour hard work with much suggesting\hinting having been required in order to complete it.

I've placed it next to the short story he wrote last Friday when I gave him half an hour to think of a non-realistic story, plan it, develop both the character and the plot to create interest and then write it up.
The two pages of A4 side by side made me well up.
I hadn't realized how far he'd come.
It's like comparing day to night.

I don't care what they give him in terms of grades on Monday.

My heart is bursting with pride for my little boy who overcame his hurdles and has gone from fearful of making mistakes to the point of being unable to begin a task, to being someone who can take a demanding outline and from a cold start, run with it and come up with something that displays a creative command of the language.

I know that most likely they won’t look at any of the work I have put together for them.
Doesn’t matter, I’m grateful circumstances focused my attention on the gulf between last September and now.

I’m going to frame both pieces of work side by side and stick them on the wall in the hall so we can both see them a hundred times a day, to remind us that the tiny, almost invisible baby steps taken lesson by lesson add up to huge great leaps and we just have to make sure we give ourselves the chance to notice them.

Roll on quinta. Angst is off the curriculum.

He rocks at home education.


  1. I love this! Well done all of you, and what a great idea to put up the two side by side. You should both be proud of that.

  2. And you rock as his home school tutor!!! Well Done - both of you!!! Kathryn (ourprivateblog)

  3. Brilliant Son of Thor and to you. Hope all goes well for Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed they are at least civil .... and turn up. Hugs to you bothxxxxx

  4. He rocks at home education? absolutely.
    But so do you! Welll done to both of you.


  5. I can't believe how excited I am for you both right now. Yay!!!

  6. Wow, that's so excellent! Thanks for the inspiration. I saw he did well on his exams, too — congrats to you both!

  7. This is wonderful to read, and to find you!! What a way of life. Very happy to meet you, and I can tell, I am going to like your style very much (wink).



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