Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bob da Builda M

Bob Claudio turned up today. He is going to be doing all the jobs on my cascina that will take it from habitable to comfortable.

I've waited five years for this.

Being a persona non grata when it comes to credit (small incident with a Debenhams store card in 1986 and an 18 year old's sort of "free money" delusion) I had to wait for the "money in the bank" option.

What normally happens at this point, (over the years, having been through more builders, plumbers, electricians than a stripper goes through thongs, I say this with much evidence to back it up ) is that they arrive, I am happy they actually turned up, they leave .... and I sink into despair about the next bunch of expensive repairs that are botched, half finished, not what I asked for and done in a way to cost me as much as possible whilst leaving me as far as possible from the result I wanted. AND it looks like crap. Worse than when I started.

Not Bob Claudio.

He is careful, thorough, tells me how to save money on getting the end result I want without cutting corners, talks me out of unnecessary work, aims for a perfect finish and takes the rubbish away with him rather than trying to bury it in the middle of my garden.

Nothing "quatro soldi" about this man.

I may just have to kiss him.

But then he would run away and I'd back to square one with the I will resist.

Bob the damn fine builder Claudio il bravo costruttore, exists. And he came to my house.

( :

And no, I am not giving you his number.

He's mine.

All mine I tell you !!!!

At least for the next six months.


  1. Have you been on the gin again? It's just that I don't think such a paragon can possibly exist outside of a drunken fantasy. Seriously.

    (I'm jealous. I may kidnap him in the summer and take him back to England with me. I'm dreading having to get all my walls stripped and replastered by some cowboy Londoner. Sigh.)

  2. Oh! And happy anniversary! :)

  3. Chianti darling, Chianti.

    In little bottles to ward off any more procreation.

    Amazingly enough this is the first time I have had a workman here where I haven't been driven to drink.

    The roof damn near slipped down on him (wind has played havoc with tiles that are inexplicably not stuck down) and he didn't skip a beat, caught them all without a single breakage and then set about putting things back properly, cleaning off moss as he went. Moss which he swept up, put into a bag, which went in the van and drove off with him.


    I got married deliberately on Christmas eve so it would be easy for him to remember, yet we both still forgot it.

    I can't even remember exactly how long it is. I'm sure Son of Thor is about four in that photo (it takes us a long time to deal with beurocracy and organizing things which is why our child is so large in the picture, we planned on getting married when Chianti got me pregnant, but being pukey and fat put me off the idea) so I'm guessing it is about five years now.

    Is this the year of electrical wire or something romantic like that ?

    Year of the plastic plumbing tubing ?

    Year of the drainpipe ?

    Plasterboard ?

    Nothing sparkly for sure, given lack of shiny things proffered from husband to wife.

    All I got was a belated bag of microwave popcorn that he happened to have in the supermarket bag when he suddenly remember the day we wed had come and gone by a good month or so.

  4. Ha! L entered our lives yesterday. A London builder with manners, attention to detail and reasonable day rates. You'll understand that I can't tell you more about L, in fear of him being snatched from my doorstep.

  5. Reads Louise's post.

    Swiftly shoves Claudio in a cupboard out of sight.

    It's raining !

    But not in the house !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Renovations, renovations! How lucky I am to have a husband that with the help of a good friend,another Brit, they have spent the last year turning their hands to all sorts of projects. I think you have seen the photos Sarah.
    Meanwhile guard Bob the builder well, hard to find a reliable and good one here or in the UK!

    Happy Anniversary wonderful you forgot, just shows it is just a piece of paper xxx

  7. Hmm, I need a Claudio too. Wonder where I can find one. lol

  8. I don't believe you. It's not possible. Did you move to another country? Not that I know of another country where this kind of service exists... maybe Germany?

    That said, I've yet to meet a Claudio I didn't like.

  9. Hmmmmm - do you think Claudio could be enticed to come to America for a bit? After you are done with him of course!

  10. No claudio is going nowhere, nor is his friend Peitro the plumber.

    they have worked out how to fit a bath, a loo, a sink and that ital for a full price sale item...a bidet into my tiny, third bathroom without making it look squashed.

    I am keeping them so hands off the lot of you !

    They are mine ! All mine !!!!!!



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